The Amina Fund Advantage

Real estate builds wealth more consistently than any other asset class. Investing in real estate with Amina Opportunity Zone Fund offers significant advantages than can yield a lucrative long-term returns that increase net worth and net health.

Science to Build Wealth

  • We don’t stop with zip codes; we use data science to identify the best Opportunity Zones and properties to buy and build.
  • We maximize efficiency and minimize costs by equipping every Amina community with smart property management technology. 
  • We build and invest in high-potential startups and businesses located within Opportunity Zones—creating greater upside and diversifying risk for our investors.
  • We build/invest for the long term while optimizing the nearer term gains that make real estate a reliable wealth builder—cash flow from rents less expenses, forced equity via strategic renovations, and appreciation plus leverage.
  • We close the health-wealth gap by designing and building science-centered ecosystems—not just housing—that create education, career, job and business opportunities for residents and for investors in Amina-funded communities.

Wealth to Build Health

Investing in Amina Opportunity Zones represents an opportunity to grow your wealth—and the health of the communities within which we build. To live well and do good.

Several respected research organizations have expressed concern that Opportunity Zone legislation might “supercharge” gentrification by incentivizing developers and investors to displace residents of distressed communities by pricing them out of housing and filling neighborhoods with amenities that don’t serve the communities’ interests.

Amina Fund is concerned too. There are no restrictions on the type or amount of investment that can be made in Opportunity Zones, some of which are in communities that could already be at risk for gentrification. While other funds will wait until legislation compels them, Amina Fund has already designed signature communities and investment vehicles that can deliver significant, long-term returns for our investors while also creating health-enhancing opportunities for community residents.

How? According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Hospital Association (AHA), zip code is a greater determinant of your lifelong health and your life expectancy than genetics. Communities with limited access to healthy food, jobs and affordable housing lower residents’ life expectancy and worsen health outcomes. Communities with healthy food, thriving businesses and good jobs, and affordable housing raise life expectancy and improve health and wealth outcomes for residents.

Amina Fund uses a proprietary algorithm to identify the most promising Opportunity Zones and thoughtfully designs communities that become valuable innovation ecosystems.

Invest in Amina Opportunity Zone Funds

A Differentiated Approach

Efficient Diversification. We seek to avoid the risks of single asset, single market and single developer strategies by using data-driven diversification to provide you access to a series of Opportunity Zone opportunities across select markets and alongside experienced partners.

Data Science to Drive ROI. We will use data science and our proprietary algorithm to identify the select Opportunity Zones, assets, communities and consumers that offer the greatest opportunities to create and grow returns for Amina Fund investors.

Opportunity Zone Venture Investment. In addition to real estate investment opportunities borne of housing, education, commercial, hospitality and retail assets, Amina Fund will offer our investors opportunities to further diversify by investing in high-potential startups and high-growth businesses located within Opportunity Zones.

Experienced Team. While Opportunity Zone legislation is new and evolving, the Amina Fund team has been steeped in its evolution and the emerging opportunities from the start. We are experienced entrepreneurs and investors who will ground all investments in the fundamentals of real estate investment and development and venture capital investing to deliver returns that we ourselves–as co-investors–would want.

High-Quality Partner Network. Via our network of over 100 local partners, we have developed a pipeline of actionable opportunities within our target Opportunity Zone markets. These relationships provide us a sourcing advantage–and the ability to leverage knowledgeable, experienced local developers, contractors, property managers and other experts.

Unique O-Zone Fund Structure. Amina Fund has developed a unique limited-asset fund structure intended to provide investors the opportunity to achieve multi-asset diversification, structural simplicity and regulatory clarity. Subject to market conditions, we expect to offer 3-4 limited-asset funds within an investor’s 180-day window.

Smart Community and Property Management. We’ll seek maximize the value, cash flow and long term returns of Amina Fund communities by integrating our proprietary smart community management system to efficiently manage assets and identify additional investment opportunities.

Read Amina Fund’s O-Zone FAQs to learn more.

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